Where innovative technology is wedded to unique design. Runtal produces exclusive radiators, which combine a deep understanding of material and function with an unmistakable flair for design and interior design, adding the ultimate aesthetic touch to an individual living and working environment. Runtal was founded in 1953 by engineer Egon Runte and architect Jürg Altherr. The firm quickly made a name for itself on the Swiss market with its innovative steel radiators, with convectors and heating panels providing an alternative to conventional tube radiators.Runtal has been combining engineering expertise with architectural flair since 1953. The tradition of technical innovation and functional design is actively nurtured and developed by the Runtal Design Studio (RDS).By making responsible use of energy and water and developing new materials and finishes, the company creates practical and forward-looking solutions and expresses the functional language of form of its innovative designer radiators.