On 1st October 1972 NICOL was founded by the Jehser couple and entered the market with wooden bathroom furnishings. During the first few months they focused on successfully supplying the furniture trade, before moving onto the bathroom retail and wholesale trade, marketing through the traditional three-stage distribution channel. Since the mid-1990s NICOL has been a market leader with its special collection. They are always on the lookout for new ideas, with a keen eye on what the customer wants. Thanks to many years of experience and a sound knowledge of the market, a new consumer trend has been identified: customers who want high-quality bathroom furnishings at affordable prices. NICOL offers you new inspiration for your dream bathroom. Refreshment for body and soul, nowadays a bathroom is not just a bathroom, but part of your personal living space. Furnish your sanctuary with a wealth of ideas in a perfect fusion of design and functionality. In keeping with the spirit of the times you can transform your bathroom with our high quality individual NICOL products to create a tasteful and stylish “living bathroom” for pampering your body and soul – without drilling, converting or costly renovations. Be surprised by our inspiration.