The company, which has its historical roots in the prestigious Made in Italy, represents excellence in the processing of stone and glass and in the production ofceramic. Cottoveneto maintains its historical roots in art studio and workshop dimension. The same skilled artisans that, with their dexterity and long experience have made the identity of the company strong and recognizable through the years, now offer creative evolution of the most loved and admired products, along with uncommon innovations, result of constant researches, that express through techniques as color etching, engraving, inlay and painting. The selection of high quality materials, the use of “polimateria”, the inspiration in nature and art, the custom-made projects, are the highlights and the ingredients that create the Cottoveneto’s unique style. Cottoveneto carries on its art, history and culture through proposals that highlight a story made of skillfully manufactured dynamic materials. Who knows Cottoveneto will definitely recognize and value its harmonies and unconventional contrasts.